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  03 Dec 2018 - Welcome to Eldera

Server Information:
  • Full 7.7 highrate real map and real formulas from (Leaked files)
  • Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system)
  • Antibot client: Download (click)

  • No PZ on boats and carpets!
  • Conjure runes 2x
  • UE/GFB division (for each player it removes 5% damage, max reduction is 50%)
  • Starter wands/rod (Useless for higher levels)
  • Parties with shared experience enabled will gain 40% bonus exp so you can grind with your friends!
  • Oldschool 7.4 mechanics (UH Trap etc...)
  • Free boat rides till level 30!
  • General Information
  • Free entrance to Djinn factions without doing the quests!
  • Rashid can be found on almost every city! (Require postman quest to be done)
  • You do not need to buy spells in order to use them. All spells can be used on free account.
  • You can travel anywhere as free account expect Port Hope!
  • Promotion cost 10k and AOL cost 25k

Sever Configuration:

War Configuration:
  • Redskull: 4 frags
  • Banishment: 8 frags (3 days banishment)
  • Fragtime: 12 hours frag time
  • Gain experience on kill
  • Description:
  • The server is full real tibia map 7.7 from the leaked files, the npcs are 95% fully replicated from the leaked files. Why 95%? Well such as buying spells from npcs is pretty much unnecessary.
  • Monster behaviour is replicated from the leaked files, that includes attacks, loot and etc...

So with that said, the gameplay will replicate 7.4. So the graphics are 7.4, there is no wands/rods. Expect starter Blue Magic Wand and Green Magic Wand which weaker than Wand of Vortex/Snakebite Rod which are usless for higher levels, so we encourge to use burst arrows at higher levels.

The melee formula for knight/paladin has been balanced(increased)

We will offer experienced hoster, almost all real tibia quests, party shared experience, war system, antibot client, task system,  free boat rides for lower level 30, pvp-enforced, uh trap, conjure runes inside backpack (double charges), no protection zones on boats/carpet rides and etc...

There is almost no custom content since we would like to keep the authenticity from the old golden ages.

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Characters: 208
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